2021-2022 Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature

SB 1589

Wake Boat Bill

This was unfinished business from the previous session, and simply limits the weight of very heavy boats that use a unique stretch of the Willamette River to generate massive waves (also known as wakes) for water skiers and intertubbers to ride on. These wakes lead to rapid erosion of the river banks and sedimentation that is detrimental for threatened and endangered fish. The large wakes can also be dangerous to other river recreationalists in smaller non-motorized boats or paddle boards. The passage of this bill ensures that there will be less erosion and sedimentation from heavy boats on a fragile segment of the Willamette River while still allowing for recreation.

Yes is the pro-environment vote.
Status: Signed into law
pro-environment voteanti-environment voteabsent or excused
pro-environment voteanti-environment voteabsent or excused

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About the Scorecard

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