2021-2022 Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature

SB 1501

Private Forest Accords

The Private Forest Accords took years of hard negotiations between stakeholders including, forest conservation groups, logging companies, woodlot owners, and the state. This historic legislation lays a new foundation for how private forest land will be managed moving in Oregon. The bill leads to stronger protections of forest water ways, more protections against steep slope logging, and higher road standards to reduce sedimentation. While there is more work to be done to further protect Oregon's forests, this bill represents a profound paradigm shift in how private forest lands are managed moving forward.

Yes is the pro-environment vote.
Status: Signed into law
pro-environment voteanti-environment voteabsent or excused
pro-environment voteanti-environment voteabsent or excused

About OLCV

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters is a non-partisan organization with a simple mission: to pass laws that protect Oregon's environmental legacy, elect pro-environment candidates to office, and hold all of our elected officials accountable.

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About the Scorecard

For more than 40 years, OLCV has protected Oregon's natural legacy. An essential part of our work is holding our elected officials accountable. The OLCV Environmental Scorecard is not only one of our most important accountability tools, but also a tradition. The first scorecard was published in 1973.

By sharing how each member of the Legislature voted on the most critical conservation bills, we help Oregonians understand whether legislators listened to their constituents, or if they listened to special interest groups instead. It also serves as a summary of environmental bills and includes special recognition of the legislative champions.